Jornada Xamânica "Nas Terras de Cura Ancestral" - Sardenha, Itália

Sardinia is a land of myths, wisdom and wilderness.This land is waiting to reveal its mysteries to us, when we are ready to listen with open hearths to the profound teachings of the Goddess Mother. This is the fourth time that XamAM and Shaman Dhan Ribeiro will guide us into a deep shamanic journey in this ancestral land; and, each year we get deeper in touch with these ancient healing frequencies. For those who feel the call, this is a warm invitation to join us in this shamanic journey to feel, touch and sense the precious healing energy of this ancestral land.

  • Data: 06/19/2020 05:53 PM - 06/23/2020 02:54 PM
  • Localização: Tortolì, Nuoro, Sardegna, Itália (Mapa)



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