Escola XamAM - Medicina dos Animais Totêmicos

Life pushes us to dive deeper and deeper into our inner strength. And diving we find incredible forces hidden within us. Force of life, of emotions, of sexuality, of the clamor of the expression of a royalty locked under lock and key. This year's XamAM School invites you to penetrate this inner power and assume the primal force, the cry of the wounded, domesticated animal. Heal your heart the hunger and desire of your Totemic Animals... desire and hunger never before revealed.

Information and enrolment:

General programme BEGINNERS - THE BASE

Period: November 4th (Friday) to December 13th (Tuesday)

Venue: Terra Mirim Community, Simões Filho, Bahia, Brazil

Responsibility and Authorship: XamAM, Priestess and Psychologist Alba Maria

Participation in Rites: Shaman Dhan Ribeiro.

Guests: Shamans from Terra Mirim and from other tribes

Collaborators: Residents of Terra Mirim.

Translation team: People from the Terra Mirim Movement (MTM)

PLEASE NOTE: every day during XamAM School, except in exceptional cases, the students will take part in the ‘Sharing’ which is the daily work in the land and spaces of Terra Mirim. The times of the Sharing may change depending on the programme. The Sharing might be early, from 7:00am to 9:00am or later, depending on XamAM School schedule.

1st Module – 4th to 11th of November (morning) - the expected Fridays; Crescent Moon to Full Moon

Earth Element - Power Animal: Four-Legged Clan 

a) 4th, Friday: Decolonizing the spaces and people of the community that will remain as reference points; Talking Circle at the bonfire.

b) 5th, Saturday: The Clans; Guided Meditation; Lunch; Afternoon - Dancing and seeking our personal history; Night – our drums.

c) 6th, Sunday: Morning - The Healing Food; Guided Meditation; Lunch; Afternoon - walking through the Shamanic Space; Afternoon - meditating and sharing;

d) 7th, Monday: The Power Animal and the West Direction: the pregnant being and mud bath; Conception and Birth: understanding and learning how to listen to the body's message; Your body, Your story; Silence at sunset; Dinner.

e) 8th, Tuesday: The Forest and the Ritualization of the Power Animal; Morning - Body Painting, making our Personal Wand; Lunch; Afternoon - Walking in the woods of Aya; The West Direction; Contemplating animals. Bring wood for the totem pole. Night - Full Moon Ritual.

f) 9th, Wednesday: The dark and the light aspects of the Power Animal; Ritualizing the Four-Legged Clan.

g) 10th, Thursday: Preparation for the Ayahuasca Ritual; Night - Ritualizing Aya.

h) 11th, Friday: End of the module: sharing of the experience. Exchanging gifts.

Time for yourself: 12th and 13th (Saturday and Sunday)

2nd Module – 14th to 21st of November the languid Mondays - Full Moon to Waning Moon

Air Element - Wisdom Animal: Winged Clan

a) 14th, Monday: Morning - Honouring and revering the passage from the Western to the Eastern Quadrant; Ritual of Welcoming the Wisdom Animal; Afternoon - Body Painting; Dance and Movement; Night - night practices.

b) 15th, Tuesday: Morning - Meeting with the nest tree; naked bodies and breath; The Phrase and the Amulet.

c) 16th and 17th, Wednesday and Thursday: Vision Quest - Creating a Personal Prayer; The Flight of the Bird; Creating and Uncreating Personal Worlds.

d) 18th, Friday: Sharing in small groups; Commitment to what is to come and the mandates; While one group is sharing, the other group is writing and rewriting their beliefs; WAINING MOON.

e) 19th, Saturday: Communing with Wachuma, Rapé and dancing the Toré with ritual clothing using feathers as part of it; Possible presence of the Kariri Xocó Tribe.

f) 20th, Sunday: Sharing of the experience in small groups; after finishing the sharing you will use the free time to organize the ending of the module.

g) 21th, Monday: End of the module - Winged Dance.

Time for yourself: 22nd and 23rd (Tuesday and Wednesday)

3rd Module - 24th of November to 1st of December - the vigorous Thursdays - New Moon to Crescent Moon

Water Element - Master Animal / Southern Direction: Clan of Aquatic Beings

a) 24th, Thursday: The Portal of the Master Animal - Portal of Passage – From the Winged Clan to the Aquatic Clan. Diving into the obstructive Emotions and into the fluid Emotions.

b) 25th, Friday: Diving into the infra world; What poisons and antigens circulate in my body? What are my darker emotions? Building the Field of Emotions; Sister Emotions (light side and shadow side).

c) 26th, Saturday: Learning the importance of the Herbal Bath.

d) 27th, Sunday: Revitalizing the Bodies – Sweat Lodge Ritual: Master Animal Sweat Lodge to the North/South direction.

e) 28th, Monday: Food as Medicine; Preparation for the Ayahuasca Ritual.

f) 29th and 30th, Tuesday and Wednesday: Ayahuasca Ritual; sharing the experience on the morning of the 30th.

g) 1st, Thursday: End of the module - the Sarau (ambiance: continent of Atlantis).


Time for yourself: 2nd and 3rd (Friday and Saturday)

4th Module – 5th to 12th of December - the incredible Mondays - Crescent Moon to Full Moon

Fire Element - Healing Animal: Creepy Crawlies Clan and their multiple forms

a) 5th, Monday: Ritualizing the Healing Animal - The Passage – from the Aquatic Clan to the Creepy Crawlies Clan.  

b) 6th, Tuesday: Communing with Jurema and Rapé - Body Painting and Dance for the Healing Animal.

c) 7th, Wednesday: Toré and Full Moon Ritual - Finishing of the Totemic staff.

d) 8th, Thursday: Demystifying the Medicine of Santa Maria; endocannabinoid system, the plant, the seed, case report, knowing the medicinal oil.

e) 9th, Friday: Tribal Healing and Sexuality - bonfire of the witches; body of pleasure/displeasure; lust or paralysation?

f) 10th, Saturday: Continuation of the previous work.

g) 11th, Sunday: Sharing the experience and Memorial of the work (in small groups).

h) 12th, Monday: End of the module - Shamanic Biennial - Presentation of totems, masks, paintings, photos, etc.