Module I

Module I
Power Animal – Sense of Hearing. Communion with Pachamama.

Period : 6th (Wednesday) to 15th (Friday) – Crescent Moon and Full Moon.

PaxAMs: Adriano and Dania

  • a) 6th, Wednesday – Being presented to the spaces and the Terra Mirim team; reading the Terms of Commitment; sharing of the encounter and re-encounter - coming together again or for the first time.
  • b) 7th, Thursday – Wheel of Talking and Listening: what does power mean? How do I use it? For what? Where in my body is power located?
  • c) 8th & 9th, Friday & Saturday – Hearing system. Physiology and its implications.  The bond with the emotions. The sound and the body.
  • d) 10th, Sunday – The Power Animal and the hearing sense as a medicine of the body.
  • e) 11th, Monday – The masks and power. What masks do I use to hide my personal power? Am I truly ready to expose what makes me not be wanted or loved? And what makes me truly be loved?
  • f) 12th, Tuesday – Frequencies of sound and relationship with the emotions. What sounds/frequencies make me relax? What sound/frequencies imprison me? Evening: Ritual of Ayahuasca.
  • g) 13th, Wednesday – Sharing in small groups. I listen in groups of 5 people while the remainder of the group do other tasks.
  • h) 14th, Thursday – preparation for the Medicine of the Memorial. My animal, personal power.
  • i) 15th, Friday – Sharing the experience. Exchange of gifts.

Free time: 16th & 17th (Saturday and Sunday)

Note: The memorial of this module should be done during the free time.