Module II

Module II
Wisdom Animal – Sense of Smell. Communion with Grandfather Air.

Period : 18th (Monday) at 2pm to 27th (Wednesday) - Full Moon and Waning Moon.

PaxAMs: Erika, Savayah and Alzira; herbs and bees

  • a) 18th, Monday – System of the smell and its connections. Pineal gland.
  • b) 19th, Tuesday – Sniffing life: living the smells and heightening this sense. Walk to amplify the sense of smell; spend the night at the Air temple; use blindfolds, at dawn we will prepare smells that will create stimuli; perceive how the animal reacts to each smell.
  • c) 20th, Wednesday – The Wisdom Animal and the Medicine of the Body.
  • d) 21st, Thursday – Body massage: the symptoms versus the power animal.
  • e) 22nd, Friday – dynamics that involve smell. Shamanic Trance. The first smell. The smell of the Mother.
  • f) 23rd, Saturday – Ritualising the Wisdom Animal; Tribal of Wisdom.
  • g) 24th, Sunday – Preparation for the Medicine of Wachuma: Inner Wisdom as a healing process. Shamanic Trance.
  • h) 25th, Monday – Sharing the previous experience; listening in small groups.
  • i) 26th, Tuesday – Continuation of the listening process. Starting to prepare for the Sarau.
  • j) 27th, Wednesday – Medicine of the Sarau. Exchange of gifts.

Free time: 28th to 30th (Thursday to Saturday)

Note: The memorial of this module should be done during the free time.