Module III

Module III
Healing Animal – Sense of Sight Communion with Grandfather Fire. Shadow and Light.

Period : 30th November (Saturday) at 3pm to 10th December (Tuesday) – New Moon and Crescent Moon.

PaxAMs: Alzira and Savayah

  • a) 30th, Saturday – Invoking the animals and writing the decrees of welcoming and healing.
  • b) 1st, Sunday – Early morning: training the sight. Remain a full day with one eye blindfolded. Observe the thoughts. Silence. Light the bonfire and sleep by its side.
  • c) 2nd, Monday – Early morning: training the sight. Blindfold on the opposite eye of the previous day. Observe the thoughts. Silence. Light the bonfire and sleep by its side.
  • d) 3rd, Tuesday – Preparation for the Vision Quest – fasting with only fruits and vegetables; choose and prepare your place; prepare the magic bag for the vision Quest.
  • e) 4th, Wednesday – enter the Vision Quest; on the first day, you should remain with both eyes blindfolded.
  • f) 5th, Thursday – Vision Quest – without blindfolds. Lights candles, pray the Prayer to the Great Mother 30 times in each period of the day with devotion and care for the animals. The energies of forgiveness and love will be our guides. Contact the animals: of the earth, water, fire and air. Build the wheel of the dreams.
  • g) 6th, Friday – Vision Quest – with the blindfolds during the afternoon – breathing for the animals. Breathe the animal for a minimum of 30min in each period of the day. Clamouring for and finding your Healing Animal. Playing your instrument.
  • h) 7th, Saturday – End of the Vision Quest – blindfold during the morning ; Afternoon: visualize and make a mandala of farewell. Bless the magic bag that you took to the vision Quest. Farewell in the evening when the sun is setting and the birds are begging to sing.
  • i) 8th, Sunday – Preparation for the Ayahuasca Ritual. Evening: Aya and the animals. Sacred serpent. 
  • j) 9th, Monday – Early morning: Purification Lodge; Afternoon: sharing the experience. 
  • k) 10th, Tuesday – Continuation of the sharing. Exchange of gifts.

Free time: 11th to 13th (Wednesday to Friday)

Note: The memorial of this module should be done during the free time.