Module IV

Module IV
Master Animal – Sense of Taste and Touch. Communion with Grandmother Water.

Period : 14th (Saturday) at 10am to 22nd (Sunday) – Full Moon and beginning of New Moon.

PaxAMs: Dania and Andiara

  • a) 14th, Saturday – Shamanic Tribal – with blindfolds, the touch and taste of yourself, of the other and of death; finding your Master Animal.
  • b) 15th, Sunday – Death.
  • c) 16th, Monday – The herbs, love and death. The floral. Day of the YES. Preparing your crown of flowers for your final moment. What do you want to take with you when you die? Which people should be with you in the final hours of your life?
  • d) 17th, Tuesday – Reflecting on the myth of the Phoenix. Day of the YES. Listening in small groups; day of reflection; reflecting by small bonfires.
  • e) 18th, Wednesday – Day of the YES. Rituals of Rebirth. What do I want to bring to this new life? New design of life. Shamanic Trance.
  • f) 19th, Thursday – Rituals of Wachuma and the Purification Lodge. Living Body. Breath, Libido and Healing.
  • g) 20th, Friday – Early morning in groups of 8 people, Shamanic Trance. From 10am, sharing the experience.
  • h) 21st, Saturday – Continuing with the same groups of 8 people from the Shamanic Trance. From 10am, continue to share the experience (it's ok to do so if anyone wishes to rest or do other things related to the school).
  • i) 22nd, Sunday – Deliver the full memorial. Sarau. Exchange of gifts and farewell.