When and where does it happen?

When and where does it happen?

Annually during the months of November and December at Terra Mirim Foundation


XAMAM SCHOOL - “The Medicine of the Animals and the Five Senses”

Emotional and Spiritual Education

  • Period: November 6th (Thursday) to December 22nd  (Sunday).
  • Venue: Terra Mirim Community, Simões Filho, Bahia, Brazil.
  • Responsibility and Authorship: XamAM, Priestess and Psychologist Alba Maria.
  • Participation in Rituals: Shaman Dhan Ribeiro.
  • Guests: Shamans from Terra Mirim and other places.
  • Collaborators: Residents of Terra Mirim.
  • Translation Team: People of the Terra Mirim Movement.
  • PaxAMs: Adriano (Psychologist and Visionary), Alzira (Visual Artist), Dania (Doctor, Researcher of the Alchemy of the Body), Erika (Psychologist and Apprentice of the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess under the guidance of XamAM Alba Maria), Chris, Andiara (Shaman of the Body), Savayah (Shaman).
  • DJ: Rafa.
  • Food: Khalyna (Shaman and Natural Therapist).
  • Note: Remembering that every day, except on the days of the Vision Quest, there will be Partilhando (sharing work). The times of this may vary depending on the programme. Some days the Partilhando will be early, from 7am to 9am or at the time that is most convenient.