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Special invitation from XamAM! SHAMANIC NEW YEAR Blessing of the Four Elements | Grandparents who guide us. The Shamanic New Year is a sacred tradition in Terra Mirim - Shamanism of the Mother Goddess. This year, Terra Mirim invites the Fulniô Tribe!

  • Date: 12/28/2023 02:00 PM - 01/02/2024 10:30 AM
  • Location Terra Mirim Foundation (Map)


With the guidance of the Mother Goddess, the blessing of the Grandparents and the inspiration of the highest ancestral technology, feel the call to be in the Terra Mirim tribe and together ritualise the shamanic and native traditions, evoking joy, health and high frequency to begin another new cycle. We will welcome you between 28 December 2023 (arrival in the afternoon) and 01 January 2024 (departure in the morning). 

There are many beautiful moments on the programme; we'll have Purification Rites and Blessings of the Four Elements, a Beach Walk - a visit to the reign of the Mother of Salty Waters, Body Practices and Healthy Eating, as well as a New Year's Eve Rite with the sound of rezos and Terra Mirim Shamanic Drums! 

Come with us! information and bookings


28th DEC (Thursday)

Blessing of the Pachamama

14h Arrival Welcome

 15h30 Untying of Knots Ceremony & Offering to Pachamama

17h Blessing of the Earth

18h30 Dinner 

19h30pm Preparation of the Offering to Grandmother Water

29 DEC (Friday)

Blessing of Grandmother Water

07h Breakfast

07h30 Meeting the Sea

08h30 Blessing of Grandmother Water


30th DEC (Saturday)

Blessing of Grandfather Air

08h - Breakfast

09h30 - Breathing with Grandfather Air and Preparation of Hut Medicine

14h30 - Blessing of Grandfather Air | Rite of Defumação 

12h30 - Lunch

16h30 - Rapé Fulniô Ritual

18h30 Dinner

31 DEC (Sunday)

Blessing of Grandfather Fire 

05h - Medicine Hut of Purification with XamAM

09h - Breakfast

09h30 - BazArt - indigenous handicrafts and the colour of the community

12h30 - Lunch

15h - Care of the Body Temple | Blessing of Grandfather Fire

21h - Shamanic New Year´s dinner | Celebration with Rezo Music and songs by Terra Mirim and the Fulniô Tribe

24h - Virada with the power of the Drums

01 JAN 2024 (Monday)

10.30 a.m. Food and Farewell

*Planned programme. If necessary, subject to change.)