Mythical Journey of Avalon, Glastonbury

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Life is Love. Unconditional. An invitation to dissolve yourself into the arms of Grandfather Air, transform yourself in the divine flames of Grandfather Fire, dive into the profound Waters of our unconscious and be reborn through the sacred chalice of Mother Earth. An invitation to Love extends itself in order for us to fully incarnate as seeds of the Original Source. The journey invites .. AND IF YOUR BEING RESONATES, come, Dissolve, Sing, Love and Heal. To you, to your Ancestors, to your relationships and to the Universe.

  • Date: 05/10/2019 02:00 PM - 05/13/2019 02:00 PM


In the mythical land of Glastonbury, a deep encounter with the Lady of the Forest, the Grandfather of the Desert and with the Purification Lodge. Sharing Circles with the shamans, decoding and integrating the experiences lived during the journey.


  • 10th May: welcome, accommodation, Dynamic of Integration, preparing the Rezo;
  • 11th May: preparing the Purification Lodge, Reflecting on the Frequency of the Lady of the Forest, ritual with the Lady of the Forest;
  • 12th May: Sunrise – Purification Lodge, breakfast, rest, ritual with the Grandfather of the Desert and Pilgrimage to various sacred sites;
  • 13th May: breakfast, Sharing Circle, Exchange of Presents and goodbyes

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