Shamanic Journey of Initiation, Peru

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A journey in time. Chronologically and mythologically speaking. An initiation journey by excellence, the trip to Peru with XamAM and shaman Dhan Ribeiro has been going on for millennia with rituals in the sacred places such as Magdalena de Cao with its pyramids where the emblematic Lady of Cao lived, the governess and Shaman of a people called Mochicas, to places where the legendary Incas prepared for their last battle with the settlers. Thus, while walking, we are able to observe our own inner battles, the new paths to be walked and especially, to realise that life is just a passage.

  • Date: 09/07/2018 12:24 PM - 09/21/2018 03:00 PM
  • Location: Peru (Map)


Attention!!! Spaces are limited!

Bookings & Information:


Duration : September 7th to 21st, 2018

  • 7th September - Arrival in Lima. Go to the hotel. Spend the day in Lima. Sharing and overnight stay at the hotel.
  • 8th September - Trip to Trujillo by plane; after that we will go to Magdalena de Cao where we will stay in a local inn; trip to the archeological complex of El Brujo where we will look around and then meditate at the mystical path; we will feel the place where the mummy of the Shaman and Dignitary of the mochicas, the Cao Lady were found in order to profoundly live this interior journey of healing and revelation. Here we will ask for permission to commune with Wachuma during the night and deliver the offering to the sacred fire; at night – fruit snacks, juices and rest.
  • 9th September - After breakfast we will share, and in the afternoon we will go once more to El Brujo, where we will hold a small ceremony to deliver our offering; at night, we will feed ourselves in a cozy local restaurant and later go to the inn where we will dream with our true Self.
  • 10 September - We will go to Trujillo in the morning and, from there, we will take a plane to Lima city, arrival and plane trip to Cusco; go to the hotel at Sacred Valley. Free time.
  • 11th September - After breakfast, dialogues and sharing; in the afternoon, beginning of the work with the sacred cactus of Wachuma, offering to pachamama, passage and meditation at the Unuhurco temple (sacred water) and, after that, trip to the Museum of Wachuma and of the Ancestors civilizations: mochicas, paracas, incas, and others.
  • 12 September - Breakfast; Sharing circle and, after that, meditation with the master of antique Incas, offering songs. At night, dinner;
  • 13 September - After breakfast – Free time.
  • 14 September - Morning – breakfast followed by a trip to Quillabamba at 7am, arrival at 1pm at the Tunqui Mayo lodge located at border of the Chuyapi River at the Apus Valley of the last Incas’ city in the wilderness, Wilkabamba (sacred city), home of birds such as the gallito de las rocas. Accomodation, dialogues;
  • 15 September - Breakfast. After that, walk to the Mother of Waterfalls, bath, and evening rite with the Forest Medicine.
  • 16 September - Breakfast, sharing, river shower, native pool; Rest.
  • 17 September - Breakfast, farewells and return to Urubamba.
  • 18 September - Sharing Circle; after that, free day.
  • 19 September - Free day, Cusco.
  •  20 September - Free day, Cusco.
  • 21 September - Trip to return to Lima/Brazil/Other countries


  • Accompaniment and guidance of the Shamans Alba Maria and Dhan Ribeiro during the rites and trips;
  • Lodging with breakfast (buffet) in double or triple rooms;
  • Bed and breakfast at Magdalena de Cao;
  • Bed and breakfast at Sacred Valley, Natural foods (Urubamba);
  • Lodging, natural foods, walks and support from local guides in the wilderness (accommodation will be shared in the wilderness, with 4 to 5 people per room);
  • Local transportation to all trips described;
  • Entrance tickets to all the archeological sites;
  • All medicine rites.
  • Sharing Circle – moments when the Shaman Alba Maria sits with the group and through her Internal Guidance, and with her spiritual vision, will hear and clarify the internal questions each person may have.
  • English, Spanish and German translations during the sharing circles and other specific moments of the trip.


  • Airfares, tips, drinks, personal expenses, airport fees and everything that is not specified above.


  • Health insurance, Passport, Visa & Yellow fever vaccination (for those people from countries that require them – please check)
  • Rain coat, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen (body and lips), flashlight, pocket knife;
  • A good pair of shoes or boots for walking; warm socks;
  • Cold weather gear (they may be purchased locally, prices are very reasonable);
  • Sleeping bags (may be purchased in Peru or rented at the local travel agency);
  • Body oil for massages (after the walks, a good self-massage is great);


CITY                                       HOTEL

Lima                                        Hotel 3*     

Urubamba                              Eco Andina Hotel ( / +51 84 201736- 201706

Magdalena de Cao               Simple Inn

Quillabamba Jungle             Simple Lodge  


  • MACHU PICCHU - FULL DAY, includes tourist train fare, bus, transfer and local tourist guide.

Prices to be confirmed by local guide

OPTIONAL TOUR (with Shamans Alba Maria and Dhan Ribeiro)

  • CHAVIN DE HUANTAR – September 22nd - 27th


  • Alba Maria is not a tour guide, she is a Shaman who has dedicated herself for 28 years to serve the natural environment of the planet and the intrinsic nature of the human being.
  • The Shamans kindly request that people who consider they already know everything and that usually create turmoil in the group do not join us on this trip. Please look into organising your own group or take your trails with other people.
  • The Shamans request that people that have illnesses of any nature make an appointment with their doctors before traveling and let your emergency contacts know about this journey of initiation. The responsibility of the trip, in relation to your health and health related matters, is with the person who is traveling. Health insurance is essential.
  • This trip is not for tourism purposes, therefore, people who are not ready to take a deep dive inside themselves or are looking for a merely festive programme, please look at other programmes and/or specialised travel agencies.
  • The Shamans reserve the right of accepting or refusing any person wanting to be part of the traveling group.
  • The programme may be changed according to adverse conditions such as: climate, political situation, natural events (earthquakes, floods, and others), health conditions and others.  In the event of such unpredictable events the Shamans are not responsible for any confusion, losses, or disappointment.
  • In case of withdrawal/cancelation: up to 30 days before the trip date, we will refund 50% of the amount received.  15 days prior to the trip, we will refund 25%. If less then 15 days, no refunds will be applicable. 
  • Consistent users or drug addicts, either of alcohol or illegal drugs, should look for other programmes that meet their needs;
  • Seekers (people who are searching for themselves) are welcome, regardless if they are at the beginning of their journey or not.