In the Arms of Medicines, Hellenthal

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Life is like love. An invitation, a call to continually move forward and to dissolve yourself in waves of healing and ecstasy. Surrender yourself and learn how to trust. In yourself and in the Universe. The journey invites. And your being pulsates. Come, dissolve yourself, Sing, Love and Heal. Yourself, your Ancestors, your relationships and the Universe.

  • Date: 05/22/2019 09:00 AM - 05/26/2019 02:00 PM



  • Wednesday (Feminine): ritual with Grandfather of the Desert (women only), Purification Lodge, Dynamic - The Tribal Beat : Awakening the Vision. Water element.
  • Wednesday (Masculine): preparation for the Purification Lodge, men’s ritual with the Lady of the Forest.
  • Thursday (Masculine): men's Purification Lodge, Sharing Circle.
  • Thursday (Feminine): Morning – women’s Purification Lodge; Afternoon - integration ritual, masculine & feminine.
  • Friday: breakfast, individual dynamic (without the presence of XamAM, see sacred tree), lunch, preparation in nature for the Lady of the Forest, mixed ritual with the Lady of the Forest (shamanic trance).
  • Saturday: breakfast, mixed ritual with Grandfather of the Desert (shamanic tribal with blindfolds), dinner.
  • Sunday: breakfast, Sharing Circle, lunch, goodbyes.

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