Lady of the Forest Ritual

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In the chants and drumming of Shamans Alba Maria and Dhan Ribeiro one hears the call for healing and for the powerful presence of the Lady of the Forest: the Ayahuasca medicine. Slowly the frequency is established while one by one, people commune with the indescribable power contained in the sacred drink, resulted from a long cooking process of two powerful plants of the ancient people of the forests: mariri, the strength and chacrona, the light...

  • Date: 03/09/2019 04:00 PM
  • Location: Simões Filho - State of Bahia, Brazil (Map)
  • More Info: Terra Mirim Foundation Highway BA 093, Km 7. -Itamboatá Valley-Simões Filho/BA, Simões Filho-BA, 43700-000


For us, communing with the Lady of the Forest is the possibility to deeply touch the sense of non-separateness, to dive in the immense inner ocean of Wisdom and dissolve ourselves in order to regain the conscious encounter with Unity which was once lost.

XamAM Alba Maria & Shaman Dhan Ribeiro

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