Francesca Fois (Italy):PhD in Human Geography at the University of Nottingham

I visited Terra Mirim for the first time in 2012. I was working on my Ph.D research with the topic of how international communities are organised and how these spaces create alternative lifestyles. Even though I was there only for an academic purpose, Terra Mirim had a big impact on my personal life. Observing the residents of Terra Mirim, listening to their stories, contributing to the daily activities of the community and participating in their shamanic rituals, I learned things that I had never found in any book. This experience helped me deeply to find my own path, inside and outside of the Academy. I appreciate each and every moment that I spent there and the profound teachings that I received. I couldn't be more grateful to the residents of Terra Mirim, for sharing with me their space, time and wisdom.

Francesca Fois (Italy)

Chuan W (Brunei/England):Accountant

This path of diving deeply with XamAM's guidance through sacred ancestral rituals has helped to reveal the profound nature of my soul that I did not know existed. My heart has received so many blessings from this land; I am being weaved back to wholeness through these beautiful songs of healing from the community. It is impossible to receive so much love and nourishment and not flower.

Chuan W (Brunei/England)

Matthias Wessling (Germany):Body Therapist / Professor of Management

For many years I couldn’t understand what Shamanism was, until I met XamAM in 2006. Her charisma called to me and since then I have been learning with her. Alba speaks to me with more honesty than I have ever known – she speaks clearly about what must be said, simply because it is necessary to honour the truth. She has her mission and she consciously chooses the more challenging path; it's for this reason that she convinces me. Through experiences of intense healing, I was able to dissolve mental blocks, I received immense healing in wounded areas of my body and my sexuality and I reconnected to nature, especially with the Earth Element. The ancestral tradition of the Mother Goddess connects the wisdom of Tantra and Shamanism.

Matthias Wessling (Germany)

Marcin Pawel (Poland / Germany):Poet / Engineer

When I arrived in Brazil I didn’t know who I was, I felt without roots and a great lack of the divine in my life. Through the support of XamAM I found the path of a life dedicated to working with healing and poetry, and for this I am immensely grateful. Sometimes during the rituals, I look at her and see the old soul that she is and how ancient is her wisdom. Beyond the shamanic teachings that I receive, I understand more and more the need to serve the world with my talents. Profound gratitude! Hey XamAM!

Marcin Pawel (Poland / Germany)

Maike Imhof (Germany):Daughter of Mother Earth/ Gestalt Therapist /Student of Medicinal Plants/ Student of the Purification Lodge

Working with XamAM is a journey towards myself, where I arrive closer to my own universe. It’s a way of self-healing in deep contact with Mother Earth, our master. Everything has changed, inside and out, and it continues to do so. I feel the intensity of each moment; there is a place in me filled with silence. Now my life has a meaning. The deeper I dive, more creative and focused I become. The Four Elements (fire, water, earth and air) are with me all the time and show me the way. Working with the shamanic instruments is constantly changing my DNA. Old ideas and patterns are disappearing; healing of old wounds creates space for new and positive experiences. This work with XamAM is a blessing and I thank her every day and celebrate my life: ‘a seed in Mother Earth that grows in the shadow and in the light of the Divine Mother’. Profound gratitude XamAM!

Maike Imhof (Germany)

Fiona Barnes:Bodyworker / Doula / Aromatherapist

To be in Terra Mirim, to be with this tribe, to be loved, to be seen, to be provoked, to be supported, it feels like for the first time my womb and my heart are beginning to connect. I am able to touch the profundity and the wisdom of the bees. I’m beginning to feel what the herbs want to tell me. I am beginning to touch my sacred feminine, to be in this feminine energy that is also really held by the masculine… the harmony. I have been given such an important key into myself. The bees showed me the Holy Grail in my womb and they dripped it in gold, in the honey. XamAM, I am so grateful to you. For the love that you give me, for the guidance you give to my soul, I am so deeply honoured to do this initiation with you. I am grateful for all the steps leading to it. I feel a lot of changes have happened, a lot of growth, some maturity. I am so grateful to the Tribe that has been teaching me how to be me.

Fiona Barnes