XamAM School

History of the XamAM School

Emotional & Spiritual Education

Dream and Design

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When and where does it happen?

Annually during the months of November and December at Terra Mirim Foundation

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Module I

Power Animal – Sense of Hearing. Communion with Pachamama.

Period : 6th (Wednesday) to 15th (Friday) – Crescent Moon and Full Moon.

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Module II

Wisdom Animal – Sense of Smell. Communion with Grandfather Air.

Period : 18th (Monday) at 2pm to 27th (Wednesday) - Full Moon and Waning Moon.

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Module III

Healing Animal – Sense of Sight Communion with Grandfather Fire. Shadow and Light.

Period : 30th November (Saturday) at 3pm to 10th December (Tuesday) – New Moon and Crescent Moon.

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Module IV

Master Animal – Sense of Taste and Touch. Communion with Grandmother Water.

Period : 14th (Saturday) at 10am to 22nd (Sunday) – Full Moon and beginning of New Moon.

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Important Information

Read carefully!

Clarification, food & accommodation, what to bring, additional therapies, contact for prices and payment.

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XamAM's suggestion: enjoy the Christmas party & New Year celebration in Terra Mirim!

Period : 24th of December 2019 - Crystal Christmas | 28th of December 2019 to 1st of January 2020 - New Year Celebrations and Festivities | 5th - 9th of January 2020 - Trip to Chapada Diamantina (Mucugê Region).

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An alternative / parallel programme to the XamAM School. A 7-day cycle.

Seeking an inner attitude of full attention, connection with Mother Nature and integration in the community life, we are inspired to rediscover the spiritual values that are present in our lives. In this search that is so profound and personal, we rediscover how to connect in a conscious manner, to the ONE. Our ancestors would commune together in the spirit of sharing; of a shared doing.

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