Important Information

Important Information
Read carefully!

Clarification, food & accommodation, what to bring, additional therapies, contact for prices and payment.


  • Personal belongings, musical instrument, power objects (stones, metals or any other material/object that has a meaning for you), material for arts & crafts, paints, brushes, candles (can be large or small), flashlight, cap or hat, sleeping bag, small mat to sit on (can be a rubber mat), flipflops, rubber shoes, mosquito repellent*, sunblock*.
  • Four objects that you love but do not use, in perfect condition, for the ritual of gift exchange in the various modules of the journey. If you will not participate in the full journey, bring only the amount of objects corresponding to the amount of modules you will undertake. Example: 2 modules, 2 gifts, 3 modules, 3 gifts etc.

* The alchemy group of Terra Mirim Foundation makes and sells cosmetic products (body oils, mosquito repellent, essential oils, hydrosol, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), as well as cleaning products, medicinal herbs, herbs for bath, etc.  If you wish and if you need, you can purchase them when you are here. All our products are natural and handmade.


  • All healers and shamans from the Terra Mirim Movement offer to each student at a specific price: shamanic massage, medical assistance, psychological assistance, reiki, natural medicines and natural procedures.
  • The XamAM, if she has time and availability, will offer one to one or collective (from 2 to 4 participants) sessions or supervisions at specific prices to the students of the school.
  • Rituals not included in the XamAM School must be paid for separately.


  • Every day we will dedicate a few hours to Partilhando (collective work directed towards the spaces of Terra Mirim), guided by shamans and /or students and disciples that have gone through many and profound journeys. Theses people will be selected by the XamAM;
  • Our food is ovo-lacto vegetarian; any other specific diet must be notified to us in advance so we can evaluate the possibility of making it possible or not;
  • Each person is responsible for cleaning and taking care of the place they will occupy as well as their personal belongings;
  • We are not responsible for anyone’s personal belongings;
  • Our water is mineral and from our own fountain, however we still provide clay filters where it can be drunk without concern;
  • We do not use any drug considered illegal by Brazilian laws;
  • We kindly ask smokers not to smoke inside the healing spaces of Terra Mirim; we have allocated a space only for this purpose;
  • Every day we will have meditation in some of our temples at different times.


  • Because we live in nature and we adopt a non-violence attitude towards other beings, we advise you that living in our spaces are many animals such as toads, snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. If they are left alone, they cause no harm to anyone;
  • Birds and cicadas are part of our living orchestra;
  • It is fundamental to have a full health insurance, as the community cannot be held responsible for any medical services; 
  • Our programme is not suitable for people who suffer from psychic disorders, use controlled medications or have severe bodily restrictions;
  • Our programme in not suitable for people who have levels of need that exceed what is written in the programme. We do not promise miracles or paranormal phenomena. On this path, miracles and phenomena are part of a level of merit and therefore something that comes naturally. We work within the guidance of the Goddess and with each participant’s effort to heal themselves and be healed;
  • Several people have been healed on many levels, however each person must trust 100%, dedicate themselves and surrender.
  • Please bear in mind the programme may change according to local conditions or for reasons that could compromise the perfect journey of the School.


Please contact 

  • Note : People who participated in last year’s XamAM School (at least 1 full module) will have a 5% discount of the total price.
  • Collaborative option : In this modality, where there is a special discount; students must promise to the following:
    • Take part in at least 2 full modules;
    • Commit to XamAM regarding collaborating with diverse activities (to promote, to take care, to mobilise people and/or services according to the XamAM's needs);
    • Slots for this modality are available for no more than 4 people.
    • In this modality the 5% discount (see below) does not apply.
  • Suggestion (for those who really want to participate): a monthly payment plan starting from now can be set up according to each one’s personal budget.
  • In case you give up or cancel, we will not refund the amount that has already been paid;
  • 50% of the payment must be make within 1 month of commencing the school and the outstanding amount on the second day of arrival.

Included All the works above, taxes and translation. *

* As we will have people from other countries, translations will also be offered for Brazilians who do not speak German and/or English.

Not included Food and accommodation, personal expenses, phone calls, internet, tip or any other item not specified. **

** Payment for the XamAM School should be made separately from payment for other expenses.