Important Information
Read carefully!

Clarification, food & accommodation, what to bring, additional therapies, contact for prices and payment.

What to bring

  • Personal belongings, musical instrument, power objects (stones, metals or any other materials/objects that are meaningful to you), craft materials, paint and brushes, candles (can be large or small), torch, cap or hat, sleeping bag, small mat to sit on, sandals, pocket knife, real feathers (without causing suffering to the animals), waterproof shoes, repellent*, sunscreen*.
  • Four objects that you love but don't use, in perfect condition, for the ritual of Gift Exchange in the different modules of the journey. If you don't take part in the whole journey, only bring the number of objects that correspond to the number of modules you will participate in. Example: 02 modules, 02 gifts, 03 modules, 03 gifts, etc.

* The alchemy group Bastiana/TM and TM's partner company Mother Tree manufactures and sells green seal body protection products of proven quality. If you need and want them, you can purchase them on site.


  • The healers and shamans of MTM offer to the students of XamAM School at a discounted rate the following treatments: shamanic massages, psychological support, reiki, natural medicines and natural procedures.
  • Depending on time and availability, the XamAM will offer extra sessions at a special rate for the students of XamAM School. These sessions can be individual or in group (from 2 to maximum 4 people per group).
  • Rituals that are not included in the programme of XamAM School must be paid for separately.


a) Every day we will dedicate a few hours to the ‘Sharing’ (collective work in the land and spaces of Terra Mirim) guided by the local shamans and residents.

b) Our food is lactose egg vegetarian; any dietary requirements please let us know in advance so we may evaluate the possibility of adapting or recipes for you.

c) Each person is responsible for their rooms and all their personal belongings.

d) We are not responsible for anyone’s belongings or valuables.

e) Our water is mineral water from our own source, even so we put it in clay filters where it can be drunk without any restriction; please avoid plastic bottles.

f) We do not use or abuse any drugs that are considered illegal by Brazilian law.

g) We request that smokers do not smoke in the spaces of Terra Mirim, we have allocated a special place for smokers.

h) Every day we will have meditation in a few of our temples at different times.

i) We live in nature and and have a no violence policy against any living being, therefore we warn you that we have animals such as frogs, snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. if they are left in peace, they will do no harm to anyone.

j) Birds and cicadas are part of our living orchestra.

k) It is essential to have full health insurance, as the community will not be held responsible for any medical services.

l) Our programme is not suitable for people who suffer from psychic disorders, who use controlled medication or have severe body restrictions.

m) Our Program is not suitable for people who have high levels of expectations and demands that exceed what is written above. We do not promise miracles or paranormal phenomena. In this path, any kind of miracles and phenomena are considered a merit and therefore, they come naturally. We work within the guidance of the Goddess and with the effort of each participant to heal and be healed;

n) Countless people have already been healed at different levels, however they all placed deep trust in the healers and the process, and they dedicate themselves.

o) Please bear in mind that the programme may change according to local conditions or for reasons that compromise the process of the journey.


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