Terra Mirim, Centre of Light

Our journey: a movement, a community, a foundation.

Who We Are

A shamanic ancestral ship in constant loving construction, for the search of each being's essence. A holy fertile land with endless possibilities of connection to the Divine Mother. A centre of light in the web of the movement of healing of the planet.

Our Mission

To develop a new consciousness and planetary citizenship for transforming actions in the world, in order to promote the balance between human societies and the environment/cosmos.

Our Vision

To be a benchmark in sustainability and, through this concept, to include a new way of living and being. To actively participate in the dynamics of the planetary networks and centres of light, promoting the health of the planet and strengthening connections.

Our Followers

Calling the beings of light!

What we offer

Journeys; rituals and therapies; studies; courses and research; celebrations; reception and rental spaces; natural products.


An alternative / parallel programme to the XamAM School. A 7-day cycle.

Seeking an inner attitude of full attention, connection with Mother Nature and integration into communitary life, we are inspired to rediscover the spiritual values that are present in our lives. In this search, that is so profound and personal, we rediscover how to connect to the whole in a concious way. Our ancestors communed the spirit of sharing, of doing in togetherness.