What we offer

What we offer

Journeys; rituals and therapies; studies; courses and research; celebrations; reception and rental spaces; natural products.

Journeys, rituals and therapies:

  • Self knowledge processes within the perspective of a Shamanic vision;
  • Training and initiation of healers and Shamans;
  • Training of Shamanic massage therapists;
  • Shamanic handicraft workshops;
  • Monthly rituals: Full Moon Ritual and sacred medicine Ayahuasca;
  • Monthly Praise to St. Mary who Unties the Knots;
  • Complementary therapies and Shamanic massage;
  • Sharing of talents and training to develop the five senses;

Studies, courses and research:

  • Experiential study and deepening into the Shamanism of the four elements;
  • Research room for psychological, educational and environmental studies;
  • Courses on the culture of stingless bees;
  • Courses on natural cosmetics and cosmetic skincare;
  • Yoga classes;
  • Participation in social and environmental projects;
  • Practical experience in (rural) community life;
  • Advising and learning on global environmental citizenship;


  • Anniversary of Terra Mirim;
  • Christmas;
  • New Year;


Rooms for rent and hosting:

  • Visioned spaces specifically built for events;
  • Work in exchange for hostel and natural diet;
  • Experimental residence;
  • Artistic residence;
  • Visioned sites built under the guidance of the Mother Goddess for meditation and contemplation;
  • Library;


Can be purchased or pre-ordered from Terra Mirim :

  • Natural products (fruits, pies, breads, cookies);

Products to buy in Terra Mirim without an advance order:

  • Seeds of Medicinal Plants, Books and CDs