What we offer

Journeys; rituals and therapies; studies; courses and research; celebrations; reception and rental spaces; natural products.

Journeys, Rites and Therapies:

  • Processes of self knowledge within the vision of shamanism;
  • Training and initiation of healers and shamans;
  • Training of shamanic massage therapists;
  • Shamanic craft workshops;
  • Monthly rites: of the moon and the sacred medicine ayahuasca;
  • Complementary therapies and shamanic massage;
  • Sharing talents and learning to develop the five senses;

Studies, courses and research:

  • Experiential study and deepening of the Four Elements shamanism;
  • Spaces for research at a psychological, educational and socio-environmental level;
  • Meliponiculture courses;
  • Cosmetics and natural cosmetics courses
  • Yoga classes; yoga nidra
  • Participation in socio-environmental projects; if we have any ongoing projects.
  • Experience with our community technology;
  • Hortatherapy: planting, care and harvesting;
  • Introduction to People's Advocacy and the Rights of Nature


  • Pachamama Calling Festival
  • Terra Mirim's Birthday
  • Christmas
  • New Year

Spaces for renting and hosting:

  • Intuited spaces specifically built for events;
  • Participatory hosting and natural food;
  • Experimental residence;
  • Artistic residence;
  • Places intuited and built under the Guidance of the Mother Goddess for meditations and contemplation
  • Use of the library;


The following can be purchased (on site) at special prices and on advance order:

  • Natural Products - Banana dried and in natura ( Bananalba );
  • Bastiana Health & Beauty Products - Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Extracts, Ointments.
  • Natural Products for the health of babies and children - Mãe Arvore
  • Seedlings of Medicinal Plants
  • Kalango Publishing Books

Purchase on site without advance order: