About Me

About Me
I was born in Brazil, inland Alagoas, in a well preserved town, which was, let´s say, frozen in time. Passo de Camaragibe. Conceived in the month of waters, July, and born in the time of Autumn, April. The year was 1953. That dawn, Grandmother Moon still offered rays to Mother Earth, the silver of her brightness illuminated the path that would follow. It was the end of the waning moon and the entrance of the new moon. Due to a blessed diversion I was raised in a family different from the one to whom I belonged. I was taken care of by my godmothers, my fairy godmothers. I had to say a huge YES to life in order to survive. I turned invisible, my greatest strength, and with this I spent most of my childhood, while living with others, watching, listening and being silently trained by space and time. "A girl who sees strange things, things that no one sees, she’s the only one to see them ..." I was known this way.

I followed the regular script - study, marry, work and who knows, maybe one day I would find myself. I walked through unknown places, searching without knowing for sure what I was really looking for. Being carried by senses that were still unconscious, I was being pushed to know paths that almost always told me nothing.

In my blood ran the strength and freedom of the original peoples of the Earth. From the Indian to the black and the light colored, the strength of the white conquerors who came here and fell in love with the smell of the woods and the song of nature. It was this mixed blood that called me to know my inner world, to hear the voice that cried and burned in me. That voice inside me. But in the immaturity of hearing, I lost myself in despair for only hearing the distorted echo of my own voice. I traveled through distant lands of this planet seeking to listen there - far away from me - to what was in truth so close, inside me.

Then a day arrived when, silent in me, I could hear. I could once again see the invisibles and their commandments. I breathed and dived – this time into myself, deep within myself. I was modeled from my Mother's Earth, merged with the fluidity of Grandmother Water, blown by my Grandfather, the Air, and precisely heated by Grandfather Fire. I was initiated in the four elements. The Shaman’s Call.

I love to do what I do. I live with, from and for the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess. She guides me and helps me penetrate indescribable parallel worlds; she makes me see the different dwellings within myself. My defiant shadows and my gracious and innocent light.

I am grateful for everything that once was, and still is, offered to me in this life. To the thousands of people that I have had and still have the honour of offering my services, to the children that were born or not and to my selected group of true friends. To the people that are so, so close to me and that help me breathe and help me be who I am in my fragile humanity. My tenderness and peaceful breath to my dear partner of so many years, himself also a follower of this exciting - but not always easy - journey.