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The XamAM

Born in Passo de Camaragibe, a small town in the countryside of Alagoas, Brazil, Alba Maria early on stood out as a child who had access to the invisible world and liked to observe and help people who needed a word, a plate of food or even the gifts inherent in her DNA: vision, listening and awareness. All inherited from her (almost forgotten) maternal linage.

In 1965, at just twelve years old, Alba Maria wanted the power to live supported by her talents. She dared to earn her first salary as a self-employed Portuguese teacher for a small group of teenagers. From there, she never stopped trying to maintain herself and ensure her independence in life. “There, I learned to close my ears to the indispositions of the world, to the incessant no’s of the system and to open my inner listening to all the possibilities that Life was showing me.”

In 1971 she married, had children and with a lot of courage and determination she raised them. Internally she knew there was much more to do. Restless soul, body in movement. In 1997, she decided to enter the academy. She intuited psychology. Approved in the entry exam of the Federal University of Bahia, she began her academic studies. And the studies, instead of calming her down, disturbed her even more. That wasn’t what she was looking for. She wanted to feel. One of her basic premises is: I feel, therefore I am. She dived into her ancestral roots, became a lover and a devotee of nature and was shaped by iron and fire to become XamAM, initiated in the Four Elements. Deep journeys and indescribable dives guided by her intuition, she started in the Andean (Peruvian) mountains with shamans and local medicines. She met her own mysteries and those of humanity through countless journeys in the cosmic spiral of the plant medicines. “It took me 12 years of traveling every year to Peru and Bolivia to meet healers and shamans and rescue something that belonged to me and was part of my own destiny until they finally told me ‘Now you are ready, follow your own way. The path is solitary but you will never be alone.” Yes, in that moment she felt she was being welcomed by the Cosmic Circle of the Ancients.

This impulse she received activated her memory of when her first Master, Daskalos (The Magician of Strovolos) asked her as soon as she first arrived in Cyprus: what is an Inca doing in these lands?

As her knowledge matured, she realised that life was calling her towards something more genuine and that was how she solitary and decisively reviled and implemented her first mission when, in an innovative way she brought her knowledge and her shamanic work to the lands of Bahia, notably in Salvador.

A high price for who dared to break through canons and ingrained prejudice. But she was willing to pay the price. Her soul screamed to claim and reach other portals. In the 1990’s she was invited to take her knowledge to Europe, working in the following years in countries such as Germany, Italy, England, France, Switzerland and Austria. From theses, she chose as a base for her annual work landings the countries of Germany, England and Italy (Sardinia). It has been over 30 years of Service, taking the name of the Goddess and the Shamanism of the Four Elements to the circles of thousands of students and followers that dive into self-knowledge through shamanism. Currently, countless of these people have become masters and teachers of several other beings. “My mission is fulfilled every time a student of mine completes their cycle and follows their own path, baring the teachings of the Mother Goddess tattooed on them, merged with their own identities and talents as healers” says XamAM.

In 1992, once more, against all prevailing forecasts, she founded the vigorous Community Foundation Terra Mirim, in Simões Filho, a place of great inner revolutions for all who attend. It transforms knowledge, pain and memories, encouraging deep searches in everyone who seeks it. It has served and still serves thousands of people, revolutionising concepts and patterns of behaviour. It combines the roots (native people) inherited by your biological grandmother and mother to the studies of the psyche, always in search of Who am I? What have I come to do here on Earth?
In her journeys and teachings, she provokes her students, disciples and participants to seek themselves and become Present and Aware of the act of existing. “Go beyond the mirror and break this image in order to know who you really are. Access the cosmic memory and rescue yourselves transforming your light into the light of the world. That way, you and all this collective called humanity will be able to see the shadows and ghosts that blind you. Only in this way we can renounce the concept of separateness and pain.”