Nature is a master!

Time to ritualize daily life, praying, meditating and understanding that this experience is a continuity of the experience of living on this planet.

About Me

About Me
It was a late afternoon, towards the end of the 1980s, when the XamAM Alba Maria Nunes Santos received the inspiration that her home, where she lived with her husband and children, would be a place for the development of humanity. Following her intuition, she donated the space to be what it is today, a dream come true : Fundação Terra Mirim - Centro de Luz, which translates to Terra Mirim Foundation - Centre of Light, as stated in the Statute of this institution.

XamAM was born in 1953, in Passo de Camaragibe, in the interior of Alagoas, Brazil, and 30 years ago brought Shamanism to Bahia, Brazil. She lived various experiences and initiations within the tradition of Shamanism throughout the world, most especially in Peru, in the Andean lands, and in the sacred valley of the Incas... She says that her initiation process began at birth, especially with the Air Element, which she struggled with throughout a difficult childhood because of the intense asthmatic crises that led her to feel and perceive death so close to herself.

She is a shaman, a psychologist with an academic background and a writer. Joining these three talents in a single path, she created the Terra Mirim Foundation. She participated in its birth, growth, and expansion. Even today, 27 years later, she makes a point of meticulously following each step of the path of Terra Mirim Foundation, despite the many trips she makes around the world.

An untiring devotee, she carries the message of Shamanism of the Mother Goddess wherever she goes. And being guided by the four elements of nature: the earth, the air, the water and the fire, she continues to realise what she calls "my destiny".

As stated in the Foundation Statute, to live in community is to learn through interpersonal relationships, within the pillars of ethics, citizenship and respect for all expressions of life, integrative ecology, environmental preservation, human and spiritual development. At Terra Mirim there is a practice natural foods consumption and exercise lifestyles that are not harmful to oneself or to the whole. With this purpose, XamAM promotes what is currently known as the Terra Mirim Tribe. And since 1992, the community nucleus has been formed. Terra Mirim today is a network that reaches several European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy and England. The XamAM and her companion on this journey, Shaman and ayahuasquero Dhan Ribeiro, make journeys all over the world leading deep shamanic journeys.

A few years ago birthed a great new journey, THE great new journey within Terra Mirim, the Shaman School, which unites people from all over the world interested in self-knowledge through Shamanism and the awakening of consciousness.

O vÍrus que nos ataca é parte da desordem ao qual nossa Pachamama foi submetida duramente. O silêncio dela me perturbava e muitas vezes durante os ritos perguntei: até quando este silêncio Mãe da Vida? Ao que ela me respondia: Não sou eu que vou criar algo contra vocês. Vocês são meus filhos/as/es, como posso fazer algo deliberadamente contra vocês? São vocês que construirão as ferramentas para se mutilarem, para sofrerem, para se separarem até morrerem e/ou se matarem. Serão vocês, filha minha e não Eu.


Shamanic Teachings

  • 06/27/2019 06:39 AM

'I have lost confidence in the spirit world. I feel a lot of gratitude for the work we are doing with you, because I am starting to believe again.'

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  • 06/27/2019 06:34 AM

'When I walk into the woods I see faces, I try to approach them and they disappear. What does this mean? '

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  • 02/24/2019 03:10 PM

I looked at myself in the mirror while I brushed my hair, the silver strands everywhere in my long and once black hair. A sweet feeling of seniority filled me. I was born in late 1953 and I feel like I’m starting the path of the Great Return : now, my body does not ask for the blessed search of the external world, but instead the wise walk of the unknown universe that has followed me since I breathed for the first time on Earth. The internal world I claimed for myself...

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  • 08/22/2018 02:11 PM

XamAM´s words inspired by the profound connection with the Cosmos.

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  • 02/25/2018 07:46 PM

My writings are fragments of the time in which I live. They are instants that reveal themselves, inspire and leave. You know, those exact moments when the sky shines, the shooting star passes, you shiver and it is gone... the feeling remains, but the landscape has changed. So is my poetry, so are my books, my songs, my sayings. One moment, one sweet breath. It nurtures and then it is gone. Here is a short story for you to enjoy:

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Prayer to the Great Mother

inspired by XamAM

Our mother who is in the sky, the earth, and everywhere; Blessed is your beauty and your abundance; Bring to our hearts the key which opens the portal of Love; May each one of us respect every being's path; And the exercise of forgiveness become part of our existence; May we welcome at our table those who want to share with us the sacred food. Our mother, who is in the sky, the earth, and everywhere; May the highest purpose guide our steps; And the beat of our hearts unite with the heartbeat of the Earth; So that we may pulsate as a single rhythm; May the stars guide us through the dark nights; And the sun shine brightly on our bodies. Hey Great Spirit; Hey Great Mother; Hey Shaman!

Mother of Life

E o que posso fazer Mãe da Vida, o que devemos fazer? Ao que Ela me respondia: Orar, meditar, voltar ao centro da humanidade de vocês. Liberar a capa da desumanização e voltarem a ser seres humanos. Tudo foi dito a voces, tudo foi mostrado, toda a falência a ser vivida foi exposta. E agora toda a pretensão dos pretensos poderes está sendo desmascarada. E afirmo, concluiu a Deusa que as pessoas que promoveram todo esse caos também serão duramente atingidas. A morte e o sofrimento não selecionam, apenas agem.

XamAM in restless times...


XamAM School

History of the XamAM School

Emotional & Spiritual Education

Dream and Design

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When and where does it happen?

Annually during the months of November and December at Terra Mirim Foundation

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Module I

Power Animal – Sense of Hearing. Communion with Pachamama.

Period : 6th (Wednesday) to 15th (Friday) – Crescent Moon and Full Moon.

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Module II

Wisdom Animal – Sense of Smell. Communion with Grandfather Air.

Period : 18th (Monday) at 2pm to 27th (Wednesday) - Full Moon and Waning Moon.

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Module III

Healing Animal – Sense of Sight Communion with Grandfather Fire. Shadow and Light.

Period : 30th November (Saturday) at 3pm to 10th December (Tuesday) – New Moon and Crescent Moon.

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Module IV

Master Animal – Sense of Taste and Touch. Communion with Grandmother Water.

Period : 14th (Saturday) at 10am to 22nd (Sunday) – Full Moon and beginning of New Moon.

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Important Information

Read carefully!

Clarification, food & accommodation, what to bring, additional therapies, contact for prices and payment.

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XamAM's suggestion: enjoy the Christmas party & New Year celebration in Terra Mirim!

Period : 24th of December 2019 - Crystal Christmas | 28th of December 2019 to 1st of January 2020 - New Year Celebrations and Festivities | 5th - 9th of January 2020 - Trip to Chapada Diamantina (Mucugê Region).

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An alternative / parallel programme to the XamAM School. A 7-day cycle.

Seeking an inner attitude of full attention, connection with Mother Nature and integration in the community life, we are inspired to rediscover the spiritual values that are present in our lives. In this search that is so profound and personal, we rediscover how to connect in a conscious manner, to the ONE. Our ancestors would commune together in the spirit of sharing; of a shared doing.

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Terra Mirim

Terra Mirim, Centre of Light

Our journey: a movement, a community, a foundation.

Who We Are

A shamanic ancestral ship in constant loving construction, for the search of each being's essence. A holy fertile land with endless possibilities of connection to the Divine Mother. A centre of light in the web of the movement of healing of the planet.

Our Mission

To develop a new consciousness and planetary citizenship for transforming actions in the world, in order to promote the balance between human societies and the environment/cosmos.

Our Vision

To be a benchmark in sustainability and, through this concept, to include a new way of living and being. To actively participate in the dynamics of the planetary networks and centres of light, promoting the health of the planet and strengthening connections.

Our Followers

Calling the beings of light!

What we offer

Journeys; rituals and therapies; studies; courses and research; celebrations; reception and rental spaces; natural products.


An alternative / parallel programme to the XamAM School. A 7-day cycle.

Seeking an inner attitude of full attention, connection with Mother Nature and integration into communitary life, we are inspired to rediscover the spiritual values that are present in our lives. In this search, that is so profound and personal, we rediscover how to connect to the whole in a concious way. Our ancestors communed the spirit of sharing, of doing in togetherness.


Cinara Del Arco (Brazil):Seeker / Walker / Master in Agro-Ecology and Rural Development

The first meaning of the word Shaman that I had access to was "the one that sees in the dark". It took me a while to truly understand this, and by drinking each sip of the fountain that is the XamAM, I was able to experiment a much more subtle meaning than my rational mind was able to conceive. Darkness, both to me and in me, was also amplified as I started to comprehend that the lack of clarity wasn't only in the exterior,. What I mean is it wasn't about for example being able to see in the night when everything seems more challenging and mysterious. I could experience how the XamAM is able to sees in the darkness - she does it through being such a refined and harmonious channel of guidance, with such a clean and loving connection with the Divine Energy, the Mother Goddess, the Great Mystery. In the darkness of each one of us, bringing light to what is hidden and inviting us to look with courage and faith, to that which must be illuminated - brought out from the shadows! And only love and devotion are capable of promoting this revolution of Light and the direction of Light. Hey XamAM!!! Love and gratitude always!

Cinara Del Arco (Brazil)

Francesca Fois (Italy):PhD in Human Geography at the University of Nottingham

I visited Terra Mirim for the first time in 2012. I was working on my Ph.D research with the topic of how international communities are organised and how these spaces create alternative lifestyles. Even though I was there only for an academic purpose, Terra Mirim had a big impact on my personal life. Observing the residents of Terra Mirim, listening to their stories, contributing to the daily activities of the community and participating in their shamanic rituals, I learned things that I had never found in any book. This experience helped me deeply to find my own path, inside and outside of the Academy. I appreciate each and every moment that I spent there and the profound teachings that I received. I couldn't be more grateful to the residents of Terra Mirim, for sharing with me their space, time and wisdom.

Francesca Fois (Italy)

Chuan W (Brunei/England):Accountant

This path of diving deeply with XamAM's guidance through sacred ancestral rituals has helped to reveal the profound nature of my soul that I did not know existed. My heart has received so many blessings from this land; I am being weaved back to wholeness through these beautiful songs of healing from the community. It is impossible to receive so much love and nourishment and not flower.

Chuan W (Brunei/England)

Matthias Wessling (Germany):Body Therapist / Professor of Management

For many years I couldn’t understand what Shamanism was, until I met XamAM in 2006. Her charisma called to me and since then I have been learning with her. Alba speaks to me with more honesty than I have ever known – she speaks clearly about what must be said, simply because it is necessary to honour the truth. She has her mission and she consciously chooses the more challenging path; it's for this reason that she convinces me. Through experiences of intense healing, I was able to dissolve mental blocks, I received immense healing in wounded areas of my body and my sexuality and I reconnected to nature, especially with the Earth Element. The ancestral tradition of the Mother Goddess connects the wisdom of Tantra and Shamanism.

Matthias Wessling (Germany)

Marcin Pawel (Poland / Germany):Poet / Engineer

When I arrived in Brazil I didn’t know who I was, I felt without roots and a great lack of the divine in my life. Through the support of XamAM I found the path of a life dedicated to working with healing and poetry, and for this I am immensely grateful. Sometimes during the rituals, I look at her and see the old soul that she is and how ancient is her wisdom. Beyond the shamanic teachings that I receive, I understand more and more the need to serve the world with my talents. Profound gratitude! Hey XamAM!

Marcin Pawel (Poland / Germany)

Maike Imhof (Germany):Daughter of Mother Earth/ Gestalt Therapist /Student of Medicinal Plants/ Student of the Purification Lodge

Working with XamAM is a journey towards myself, where I arrive closer to my own universe. It’s a way of self-healing in deep contact with Mother Earth, our master. Everything has changed, inside and out, and it continues to do so. I feel the intensity of each moment; there is a place in me filled with silence. Now my life has a meaning. The deeper I dive, more creative and focused I become. The Four Elements (fire, water, earth and air) are with me all the time and show me the way. Working with the shamanic instruments is constantly changing my DNA. Old ideas and patterns are disappearing; healing of old wounds creates space for new and positive experiences. This work with XamAM is a blessing and I thank her every day and celebrate my life: ‘a seed in Mother Earth that grows in the shadow and in the light of the Divine Mother’. Profound gratitude XamAM!

Maike Imhof (Germany)

Fiona Barnes:Bodyworker / Doula / Aromatherapist

To be in Terra Mirim, to be with this tribe, to be loved, to be seen, to be provoked, to be supported, it feels like for the first time my womb and my heart are beginning to connect. I am able to touch the profundity and the wisdom of the bees. I’m beginning to feel what the herbs want to tell me. I am beginning to touch my sacred feminine, to be in this feminine energy that is also really held by the masculine… the harmony. I have been given such an important key into myself. The bees showed me the Holy Grail in my womb and they dripped it in gold, in the honey. XamAM, I am so grateful to you. For the love that you give me, for the guidance you give to my soul, I am so deeply honoured to do this initiation with you. I am grateful for all the steps leading to it. I feel a lot of changes have happened, a lot of growth, some maturity. I am so grateful to the Tribe that has been teaching me how to be me.

Fiona Barnes


Interview granted in 2012 and adapted in 2018

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Moments of bliss. The Divine opens its portals and the XamAM enlightens what was veiled. Here, a few fragments of one of the countless meetings of the XamAM with seekers from various parts of the world. On that day, the theme spontaneously suggested was "fear".

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What does it mean to be a Shaman and how did your initiation happen?

For me, being a Shaman is a destiny. It wasn't a choice because I would never know how to be a Shaman myself. I believe that being a Shaman is more than a profession or simply fulfilling a dream, but something that was written in the stars and comes as a potent atom that is established in the depths of our beings. A laser that opens up and expands inside and through our DNA and in this exact moment, when the initiation happens, it's an everlasting process. My initiation happened from birth; as a week and asthmatic child, I became a very lonely being. Long after, I needed to incarnate, root myself back into reality and understand what was life, comprehend that I had a body and that I existed. I married, had children and in the meantime I tore myself apart to absorb the teachings life offered me. Afterwards, I went to study physiology in an Academy while diving into Shamanic experiences in Peru, in the Andean lands... in the sacred Valley of the Incas.

Who are the students of Shamanism?

All those who want to know themselves and take the risk of signing under their own stories. These are the people who knock on my door and ask to enter, stripped from the common desires. They arrive imbued of cosmic nature.

You are also a Priestess are you not?

Yes, I am a devoted Priestess of the Mother Goddess. I don´t belong to any church, but I am a religious person in the literal sense of the term: religion=re ligare, which means, reconnecting to yourself, to your true field of connection, where the fountain of true wisdom pours permanently.

XamAM, do you have an academic qualification?

Yes, I'm a psychologist graduated by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBa) in 1989. I started working well before graduation.

And do you have other trainings?

Yes, I did psychoanalysis for many years, I studied and worked as a natural therapist for 7 years, delving into psychodrama and recently undertook an introductory and intermediate course in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

What is the difference between Shaman and XamAM?

In truth, to become a XamAM, I needed first to become a Shaman. XamAM has become a symbol to me, an initiation name. Something that was offered to me in a profound ritual of healing. It is probably the union of my destiny, to be a Shaman with capital letters of my baptised name, Alba Maria.

For how many years have you dedicated your service to Shamanism?

Chronologically speaking more than 30 years, mythically speaking an eternity.

What is your lineage? Who are your masters?

My lineage is lost in time and in space. I descend, in physical terms, from “cabolos”, indigenous, black and white people. I am a mixed race woman bringing in my blood atoms and energies that lead me to walk in fields and through times that have tattooed me and taken me to connections and achievements that are (even for me) unthinkable. Speaking in energy terms, I descend from stars and galaxies shaped by the energy of Mother Goddess, my Lady and my major Master. Here on Earth, She is represented by Mother Nature.

What is the importance of the lineage of the Mother Goddess in this moment of our planet and can it be found in other times and civilizations?

I feel that in this moment, the planet demands of us more awareness, where our choices need to be clear and aligned with the purpose and talents that we bring to life. In the lineage that I work, where Mother Goddess is sovereign, we learn to develop our intuitions and to know ourselves deeply, our shadows and light, and when we come across these forces we can continue towards our destiny in a more whole way. Without fears and doubts.

Our work has spread throughout Europe -specifically England, Germany and Italy - as well as in South America, Brazil and Peru. I see that this Service has also been offered in many civilisations, with the Celts in Europe, the Moches in Peru, the Sufis and in the ancient lands where Shamanism was established.

What are the differences between the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess that you practice, and other forms of Shamanism?

I don´t know what other people are practicing. I only know what I practice. When I speak of Mother Goddess I am speaking of the energy of compassion, nurturing, honesty, of conception and fertilisation. I am speaking of a conscious perception of who we are and what we are doing on this planet. It is having the courage to dive into oneself and hunt for oneself. Perceive the evil games and transform them into blessed games.

How do you work with healing?

In order to answer this question, I must first define what healing means to me.

Healing is a process in which, initially, he or she who wants to be healed needs to know if he or she truly wants to be healed and to overcome - with his or her entire being - that symptom that persecutes him or her. From there on, I feel and see that the path is established within a process of comprehension and trust in which the first matter is to perceive the meaning of the symptom in its various dimensions: physical, mental, social, spiritual... Once the field of trust and honesty is established, we can penetrate the almost unfathomable mysterious fields of each person.

During the process, using dynamics that I create, I help people to perceive their internal instruments and thus promote their own healing process.

I don´t identify healing as a miracle in the common sense of the term, but a miracle that is achieved by the deep understanding of the symptom, by the opening field that is established inside each one and by the re-establishment of trust and high self esteem. The symptom is the matrix that turns the human being into a healer.

Which medicines do you work with?

So many... I work with the medicine of the Purification Lodge, Vision Quest, silence and meditation, with power plants and medicinal herbs, with dialogue through the eyes and voice and with art... with life and death... a bliss and a true and unimaginable blessing.

Do you hold ceremonies?

Yes, innumerable rituals where the Mother Goddess guides me.

What is it like to participate in a Ceremony with you?

It is an exercise of surrender and love. It is the possibility of an encounter with the Divine within us and its many manifestations.

Where and how do you live? How is your life in the community?

I live in the Terra Mirim community. Here I live in communion with nature, teaching and learning with those with whom I share this land and with many others that arrive here to be initiated into the Shamanic path and dive deep within themselves. My aim is to live my daily life in a conscious and harmonious way.

How do you guide your tribe?

Through my guidance, I try to inspire everyone to release their talents into the world so that through this vast cosmic process of solidarity, we can perform our service on this planet.

And outside of Brazil? What do you do when you travel?

I dedicate myself to work and commune with groups and individuals through the sharing of teachings. I learn to open my heart more and more and reach higher planes.

What fears must we overcome before diving into the Shamanic path?

Fears are many, depending on the journey of each person, but two of them are always present: going crazy or dying. I always say that crazy we already are, as we are choosing to know ourselves in such a chaotic world, and also we don't have to fear the physical death because we are going to experience it, whether we like it or not.

Could you talk more about the XamAM School?

The school started in 2015 when we did the first cycle “Medicine of the Four Elements”. In the following year we worked on the second cycle “Our Inner Animals” and in 2017, the third and last cycle “The Sacred Medicines”.

It appeared from an inner dream (that I didn't even know I had) and from the countless requests from the people that worked with me – healers, students, followers, friends and people interested in the topic.

The experiential studies are processed during an immersion of 40 days each year, closing a cycle of three years. Therefore, during three years, the person dedicates 120 days of his or her life in order to find his or her own Life.

What is the goal or goals of the XamAM School?

  • To help each person know themselves deeply and thus find their internal talents and define themselves according to what they came to do here on Earth;
  • Reestablish the inner truth of each person;
  • Change patterns that prevent personal and cosmic fulfilment;
  • Form excellent healers and Shamans so that they can incorporate and take responsibility for their destinies and thus spread healthy seeds on the planet.

Does the XamAM School give a certificate?

In Shamanism, the certificate is the excellence of your work. Being a Shaman is an internal call, a destiny written by the stars. The school exists because the majority of humanity lost its capacity to hear the internal voice. By rescuing the senses, we rescue our cosmic mission. There is no certificate that guarantees you are a Shaman. It is necessary to understand that the XamAM School is different. It does not follow the rules of any formal institution, imprisoned in its own human laws. It is a school where the Master is the cosmic intelligence, Mother Goddess and God the Father in their potentialities adapted to humans.
But if one day I feel that the lack of a nonsense piece of paper can facilitate the path of my students, I will create one.


  • Itamboatá Valley - Simões Filho, State of Bahia, Brazil
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