06 Oct

Processes of pain, sadness and suffering are all based on the values we have: on expectations, on thoughts about oneself, about someone or about something. When we are not heard, pain becomes unbearable. The intensity of pain is proportional to the expectation created about something or about someone. This frustrating result is the fruit of our creation - we create our little story.

We have two alternatives in this instant: to stay in the same pain and let it dissolve with time, and the other is to take this instant of pain and take from it the essence and make it our living force. Donate the essence of pain to the strength of our inner power. In this way the energy of suffering is transformed into devotion and surrender. In this transformation we collaborate and serve the Great Cosmic Movement of change, of improvement of our race. This is a very strong option, it has to come from within the being, from the deepest inner space, from within. For this to happen, that is, to transform pain into living force, we do not have time to devise plans for this or that, but to adopt a concrete action. Because from this prison called suffering, one only comes out through action and not through thought. Action really produces the miracle - it is when we put ourselves in real communion with nature or with something we love, trusting, transforming the force of destruction into the force of construction. And how, shipwrecked, we transform everything that submerged us into our own salvation.

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