22 Aug

A topic that requires an opening of thoughts and concepts. In this movement, I invite you to think as follows : our soul is free, and our physical body is our first format, our human condition. We could amplify this concept and say that it would be our first alveoli, the individual cell in which the soul will inhabit for a precise period. As the years go by, we create other alveoli, cells or even prisons through our own concepts, prejudices and judgments, they keep formatting us, giving us a physical emotional matrix, creating our conceptual physical identity. This identity is not flexible.  It is our biggest prison because it densifies us. We become heavier because we carry unconscious baggage that defines us, often not even allowing us to go beyond the doors of our own homes. I may say that the material baggage is a lot lighter than the mental baggage, which is dantesque, it won’t even allow us to walk. On the one hand, the material baggage may be thrown away, but how to get rid of the mental baggage? With material baggage, you can pay someone to carry it for you, but who will carry your mental baggage? No one. And that is sad, because this is the jail, your own slavery.

 But the soul is always free, because it is what provides life and that is why the desire for freedom is natural and eternal in each one, and is individual to every person, which makes us very similar. A few people hear this desire and follow it, they go on to get to know themselves, to dive into the profound self, while the others, the majority of people, transform this calling into a contradictory desire : they get entangled within their own webs and become a mass of political/religious manipulation. Drugged in their dreams, they don’t walk, tormented by the inner ghosts, they become addicted to games of suffering and victimisation. “I want freedom”, they say, but in truth, they reject their own freedom. Deep down, we know that freedom is a synonym for responsibility. And only a few people are willing to pay this price. 

But our greatest clamour is the flight…to make the soul fly and know how to come back bringing the pollen of cosmic flowers so that the alveoli becomes sweet and fertile.

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