27 Jun

A seeker asked me:

XamAM, when I enter the woods I see faces, I try to approach them and they disappear. What does this mean?

The Voice answered:

As we broaden our consciousness, we enter the field of mysteries. When we are in places like forests, woodlands, deserted sands... that is, places where our consciousness feels at ease, the invisibles begin to make themselves present.

The form that invisible beings take are the forms that we can, or better we support, seeing them. You have certainly cried out for them in order to share their mysteries, their doubts..... But when they see you get fixed on the shape of the face, then they disappear. The face is just a form. These beings do not have that form. This is one way that they give you the sign that they are present and listening to you. They disappear because you stick to the form of the faces, and they have no form.

Realize: you are in the Presence receiving the Presence. And the Presence is the formless one.

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