27 Jun

A seeker asked me:

XamAM, I have lost confidence in the spiritual world. I feel a lot of gratitude for the work we are doing with you, because I am starting to believe again.

The Voice spoke:

In fact, the spiritual world has always been in you, it was you who had gone away. He, this spiritual world, never disbelieved in you, he was just waiting for you to reawaken. He was waiting for the moment when your innocence could be included in your life again.

I was hoping that you could abandon the fears and insecurities which imprison you and which imprisoned you as a child.

Yes, my child is afraid... (the seeker babbled)

And the Voice continued:

Yes, you have to ensure this child's trustworthy memory, the lost space between you and yourself. This is called accepting inner fears and transforming them, with kindness and firmness. Without guilt, release them.

Tell this inner child a story, tell them that they can now trust you and that you will never, ever, ever abandon them. Tell her that you will always believe everything that is revealed to you and that you will never believe in separation again. Say that you will learn to read the coded messages that you receive, and that you will tread the School of Consciousness.

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