History of the XamAM School
Emotional & Spiritual Education

Dream and Design

Working with people and groups for over 35 years, I realised that we lack education. I'm not talking about a formal, cultural or social education. I'm talking about an emotional, spiritual and especially an existential education. 

What to do when you must make a decision? What to do when your beloved has gone? What do to with the message I hear in the silence of the night or even in my daily life? How to say yes to my heart or to my intuition? and my destiny? Who am I?

These numerous questions and their complex answers are, most of the time, without adequate tools to answer them.

And in this field of learning and searching, I immersed myself, as XamAM, as a seeker and psychologist. It was by decoding myself that I realised the need to make these answers my field of teaching. And then came XamAM School, a living school in the year of 2015. And like any living schools, it requires from each one a willingness to live.

To live means specifically:

  • To be honest with oneself and with life.
  • Rip off hidden masks.
  • Notice and accept the shadows, transforming them into healing tools.
  • Strengthen the inner light.
  • Develop the five senses.
  • Strengthen intuition.
  • Collaborate in the process of changing the DNA, amongst other needs.

The classes happen by diving in the above topics. Gradually, understanding that all this is a process and not a phenomenon in itself, each one acquires the necessary tools to use in daily live as well as to use apply them with their clients.

The methodology of XamAM School was and is constituted from purely intuitive moments, from the knowledge acquired during XamAM's 35 years of service in this planet, as well as from the Wisdom and Trust of each generous energy that inhabits and emanates from each one of you.

It has been eight years of School, consisting of 49 annual days of intense diving. A deep immersion during the month of November until the first two weeks of December of each season. Seven lunar transitions.

It is important to point out that, if for any reason you cannot dive in the entire journey, you many only take one module and then in another opportunity, you can take the other modules that you feel is necessary. But in XamAM School you must complete at least one full module and what XamAM suggests, if you aren't able to do the full immersion, is to do one or two full modules.

Our dive happens yearly in the following way:

  • First cycle: The four Elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
  • Second cycle: Our Inner Animals: Healing, Ally or Power, Wisdom and Master.
  • Third cycle: The Sacred Medicines: Silence, Vision Quest, Purification Lodge, Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Hape, Medicinal Cannabis, Cacao, Tobacco and Sexuality.

At the end of each cycle, one of the main requests from the seekers is to apply the acquired tools in daily lives, remember to strengthen the tools so they can be sharp and ready to be used when necessary.

In the end of the process as a whole, the seeker must be able to answer their inner questions and thus, be much more prepared to be a healer or a shaman.

A lot has been offered to you and what seemed impossible at first, each one must draw out their plans to make it understandable and viable. The final responsibility is personal. Non-transferable.