28 Aug

When in our medicines, I feel that we need to include prayers for yourselves before any prayers for others. We really need to pray so that we don't lose our way.

In my prayers, I call upon each Element of Nature to connect with the intrinsic subjectivity of each one. This is how I exist and constitute to be myself:

Pachamama is my Mother and through her I maintain the connection with all visible and invisible beings (including the ancestors and descendants) that circulate here. My Grandfather Ar is the poetry that takes me to the cosmic fields and to all conscious and unconscious creation. My Grandmother Water, where the inspiration of my emotions and feelings resides ... here I cleanse my personal fountain to reach the original Source and enjoy the heavenly drink. And my Grandfather Fire, sovereign with his vehicle, the Sacred Serpent, the exclusive cosmic DNA, the space where I pray for this DNA to bless our Life and our Sexuality here on earth. In Gaia.

Peace and welfare.

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