Terra Mirim, Centre of Light

Terra Mirim, Centre of Light

Our journey: a movement, a community, a foundation.

A movement born from a great inspiration, blown by Grandfather Air to the XamAM, priestess and psychologist Alba Maria, when she was sitting in the Temple of Mother Earth raising prayers to the goddess of love and devotion.

The journey started in 1990. At that time the XamAM had no idea what this decision would bring to her life and story. 

Terra Mirim, a small piece of land, needed accommodate all beings who are seeking to be touched deep at the core of their heart. The Holy Land of our hearts, often so hidden, so veiled. A box of dreams set to music for our soul.

The community began by the countless people that XamAM helped, people that identified with the proposal and said yes. The challenge would be to create a new way of living, sharing what inside was yearning to be revealed and shown.

During ten long years we dived into our inner healing, we showed ourselves, we worked hard through our pains, crying, laughing, discovering. Sometimes joining, splitting, some people arrived; others left... every arrival a celebration. Each departure a tear on the face and a part of each one of us also left. We followed learning how to die and to understand the indescribable passage and choice of paths.

In 1992, Terra Mirim became an institution, Foundation Terra Mirim. Now we had a social face and at the same time new responsibilities. Gradually we were learning to cope with our two faces, a feminine community and a masculine institution. Not easy to reconcile, but today I say, we survived!!

We constituted a system autonomous of a innovative economy where most of us dedicate our talents in a voluntary way. Others made constant donations and we offered our Shamanic and therapeutic services.

We wanted to discover and maintain our independence, so that our Service could reverberate in each person in a vibrant and courageous way. And so we did. All this work made us believe more and more in our talents and in our greater destiny. Lord Time taught us, maturing us to get to the present day.

Our spirit of love and respect for Mother Earth took us to work increasingly through the energy of union and honesty, having the flag of faith and devotion as a guide. We learned how to plant, to take care of the Earth, to face our challenges, to expose in a clear way what we do and how we live.

We can see and value the great pearls that have been offered to us: our friendship, our togetherness, our principles make us see what we accomplished. Nowadays the Foundation is maintained through community lodging for visitors, rental of spaces for events, governmental and nongovernmental projects, and donations of monthly fees from residents of the surrounding lands of Terra Mirim.

The people from the community are maintained by their own talents, giving courses, offering Shamanic days and selling natural products. Their daily life constitutes mainly creating Shamanic Rituals, meditations, yoga, singing around the campfire and making lots of art. The main art is living, such as looking each other in the eye, caring, loving, giving to each other, cradled by hymns of Mother Goddess, our love and our master.

Terra Mirim 25 years