Our Followers

Calling the beings of light!

  • Seekers who want to know themselves through Shamanism and who wish to deepen experiences on the subject of Shamanism of the Mother Goddess;
  • Seekers who feel the inner calling to be healers and Shamans;
  • Students, researchers, therapists who want a quiet space in nature to develop their studies;
  • Social organisations, students, seekers and schools, including universities who wish to develop partnerships with the goal of leadership development at a global level;
  • Practical teachings on leadership development at a global level;
  • Lovers of nature and of natural products;
  • People seeking Shamanic rituals and complementary therapeutic healing;
  • Leadership organisations that seek workshop spaces for their groups in nature;
  • Groups, companies and liberal professionals interested in the use of alternative spaces;
  • People who wish to have a residential experience in a community;
  • Volunteers and collaborators who wish to experience and learn about community;
  • Artists who wish to develop an artist residency;
  • Ecologists