11 Sep

An invitation to continue. Journey with me in thoughts and feelings: our soul is free and our physical body is our first form, our human condition. We could broaden this concept and say that it is our first alveolus, the individual cell where the soul will inhabit during a precious time. As time passes we create other alveolus, cells or even prisons and through our concepts, prejudice and judgment they start to format us, giving us a physical and emotional matrix, creating our physical-conceptual identity. This inflexible identity is certainly our greatest prison, it makes us dense, we become heavy because we are carrying an unconscious luggage that many times defines us and does not even allow us to pass through the door of our own house. I can assure that the material luggage is lighter than the luggage of thoughts - this one is dantesque, it doesn't even allow us to walk. Now the other luggage, the material one, we can through it away, but how to get rid of the luggage of thoughts? The other one you can pay someone to carry but who will carry your luggage of thoughts? No one. And this is sad, because this is the prison, it is your own slavery.

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